Tuesday, December 25, 2007

You're An Amazing Blogger Award, Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year!!

Today is the cheer

the cheer of the deer,

Listen closely and you will hear

the jingles in your ear,

Whether far or near

we will unwrap those gifts underneath that paper veneer,

Then after a week clears

we will all celebrate new years.

It's Christmas!! The presents, the candy, the cheer, and my favorite the great big dinner at the end of the day with fully cooked turkey and ham as the main dish, turkey stuffing, sweet potatoes, twice baked potatoes with fried sour cream and bits of bacon on top, broccoli, cresent rolls, and the best of all brown gravy to smother everything in and a Dr. Pepper to swig down the goods and for desert, cheese cake or pumpkin pie with whip cream while watching 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS. Oh it's Christmas and I love it, to celebrate the spirit of Christmas and the New Year, I'm very happy to announce that I received my first blogger award! About three weeks ago I was gifted the "You're An Amazing Blogger" award by Princess Haiku. There was also a meme tagged with the award to write about seven random facts about yourself so we can know a little more about who you are as a person.

Here's my seven:

1. My favorite food is anything Mexican or Spainish style, especially enchiladas! :D I can literally eat ten at a time plus rice and refried beans.

2. I have mainly Dutch but I also have a German mixed heritage.

3. I was born, raised, and live in San Antonio, Texas. And I'm really a proud Texan. lol :P

4. I love it when it's foggy outside. Especially when you can't see ten feet in front of you.

5. I love watching thunderstorms, especially the lightning and thunder and I know it's dangerous but I'll sit underneath a porch or on a balcony and watch a thunderstorm because I love them so much but I do end up taking cover if the storm is too wild to be outside.

6. I have a large scar on my left leg where I cut myself on a car license plate.

Last but not least, I love Japanese culture! Their intelligence, their language, their technology, video games, and anime they create, and their architecture, art, and talent is incredible. I love the Japanese! Maybe I might marry a sexy and intelligent Japanese woman someday in my life? :)

In celebration of the Christmas cheer goin around, I'm giving seven gifts of Christmas to these fine bloggers, who I think are more than just amazing, they're incredible. :D You can optionally proudly display the blogger award in your blog by coping and pasting the award in your blog. Also, I have to write about this because it happened to me when I first displayed the award but after you copy and paste the award, make sure when you're about to save the award in the picture customizing window to display it that you uncheck the box that says "Shrink to fit?" before you save the changes because otherwise the award won't fit properly on your blog for some strange reason. If you have already received this award before, celebrate the Christmas cheer and pass the gift on to seven others and if you don't know seven bloggers to pass the award onto just pass it on to whoever you know and think is amazing.

I'm not really any good at writing long reviews about other blogs because I believe their blogs do all the speaking rather than my own ramble about them but, here are my picks for being amazing.

The Synchronicity Of Indeterminacy

"Found Photo Stories: Life and Art Linked by Photographs
A study in creativity, this site features one-minute short stories inspired by found photos, an idea based on the Indeterminacy recordings by John Cage, pairing one-minute short stories with random sounds."

With all his interesting stories for his found photos and comment stories from others for those photos I can't help myself but to read everything that I can while visiting his site or sometimes I even write a little story of my own to contribute for the photos. Indie you really persuaded this award your way with your writing. :)

The Hippie Parade

"My favorite stories lined up one right after another, in no particular order."

Her blog title description says it all.

Peace-Love Singy. :D

Ramblings of a Skinny Little Blonde

"Every day brings changes and some days hold so many changes that we are left running, trying to catch up with all the changes that occur. This blog is about nothing but some of my experiences ... growing, living, learning as a skinny little blonde. These are My Ramblings."

I think of these things all the time, her writings are so truthful and caring whether happy or sad. I'm a skinny little blonde too and I love her blog. :)

Creations Of Another Nature

"Looking for a way to connect to the world I've felt disconnected from."

A bestfriend I met a little more than a year ago in my life that's on a path to find the same thing I'm looking for in life, resolution. Her thoughts will evoke even the slightest bit of emotions in your heart, mind, and soul both when you read her writings and glance at her photography.

Take care Heather. :D

Mystic Rose

A Red Rose that's illuminated by the light. Her writings always have such connected and profound meanings whether it's a small poem about herself, a long post about Indian culture, a story she wrote for her children or anything she writes. I believe this award belongs to her.

Mystery Seekers Inc.

"I'm far too confusing of a person."

I love the stories he writes.

Stories Of The Huldufólk

"I live in sunny South Texas, teach high school level science, love baseball (Red Sox), College Football (SEC, Notre Dame), and Hockey. My favorite things to do other than teaching or reading are working in the lab (finished a Master's Degree in a virology lab,) cooking (I make a mean chicken crepe,) and traveling."

That's all you need to know to know who she is, the rest is in her blog.

PS - I turn 21 in a week on January 2nd the day after new years and I can finally drink legally! YAY!!! :D But don't worry I'm not an alcoholic but I do love to drink and I am a fun drunk to be with.

An extra random fact about me, my mother told me that when she was pregnant with me the doctors said that they were expecting my mother to deliver me on Christmas day but I was a week and one day off, I guess I was a stubborn baby? lol :P

Happy New Year!!

Take care everyone enjoy the new year, I'll be back on my birthday. :D


singleton said...

Merry Christmas Sweetie and Happy Soon-to-be-biggie Birthday! Lots to celebrate for you, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing your award and the random little tidbits, I clink! you on the thunderstorm charm, I love it! Happy Holidays, Mavin!

Icelandelf said...

You and I need to go have a drink to celebrate your birthday :)

I am happy that you are my blogfriend and I am looking forward to new photos and news from you in the new year!

Happy Christmas!

Mavin said...

Singleton: Thanks and you're welcome and I clink! that you love thunderstroms too.

Icelandelf: We should drink to celebrate but I bet you're really busy, but if you ever wanted to we could go to The Lion and Rose Pub on Broadway or somewhere for that matter. I'm glad to have found you on blogger too, I'll have many new photos to share during next year.

Take care y'all.

Princess Haiku said...

I love fog too and the atmosphere of mystery it evokes. It was so foggy last night I could barely see out my window and glad that I wasn't out driving on the freeway. I saw a PBS special on the old Missions of San Antonio and the artwork and architecture is amazing.

Hobbes said...

Happy belated birthday.

words said...

great, it would be cool